Mohr Power Solar is a brand name you can trust!  Mohr Power Solar is a legendary solar specialist company since 1982.

A Trusted Solar Power Provider in Corona, CA

As a Licensed C-46 solar power provider in Corona, CA, Mohr Power Solar has worked to promote solar as a viable energy source for our customers. We were founded in 1982 to supply clean, environmentally friendly energy to Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.

We were the first solar company in Southern California, and also the first to install solar panels in over 100 cities throughout the area. We have always been a leader in solar innovation and have driven the industry to deliver the high level of results that our customers expect.

About Our Founder

As a past member of the California Solar Energy Industry Association, our founder, Michael Mohr, has worked to improve the solar industry standards throughout Southern California. Mr. Mohr studied Electronic Engineering/Photocell Technology in the late ‘60s and then was part of early photovoltaic research and development into the mid-‘70s. Today Michael retains his status as a leader in the solar installation industry.

Over the years, Mr. Mohr’s leadership has allowed our company to surpass the expectations of the utility companies. We are often the recommended choice of many of the power corporations throughout California.

To date, Mohr Power Solar has performed more than 165,000 services on all brands of solar products. We have the largest client base in California, with more than 50,000 satisfied customers. All of our trained solar technicians have the skills needed to provide the best quality of service that our clients have come to rely on. Contact us today to learn more about our company and the solar services we provide.


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