Mohr Power Solar is a brand name you can trust! Mohr Power Solar is a legendary solar specialist company since 1982.

Comprehensive Solar Power Services in Corona, CA

Mohr Power Solar, Inc. enables you to take advantage of the sun’s limitless energy to power your home. Depend on us for a complete suite of solar power services in Corona, CA, to make your home more efficient than ever before.

Experienced Technicians

As a respected solar power provider, we employ experienced and friendly technicians that are always prepared to support you. Count on us to handle every element of your solar power system, from the initial solar panel installation to any solar panel repairs and maintenance that may require down the road. We’re proud to be your one-stop shop when it comes to solar power services.

The Proper Place

Our skills in solar panel installation are one of the main strengths our company has in serving our customer base. We will be happy to assess your project and property to help ensure you get the panels that will best suit your needs. It’s vital that you have the right-sized panels for your purposes, and it’s critical they are placed in the optimal location. A prominent south-facing area is essential to capture the power of the sun’s rays. Any other site is a compromise that will undoubtedly diminish the energy and value you receive from your panels.

In addition to panels, we provide a range of other solar products that you will need to get the best service from your setup. We have the hardware and wiring that’s necessary in order to complete and hook up an effective solar power package. When you add solar panels to your property, it’s more than just a matter of wiring them into the building’s electrical system. At Mohr Power Solar, Inc., we know what’s required, and we’ll make sure you have all the products you need to affect the transition to energy from the sun. Contact us today to have us install your panels and associated products.

Heat Your Water with Solar Energy

Heating water for your home is one of the costliest parts of your energy bill. But it doesn’t have to be. A suitable solar installation is all you need to efficiently and cost-effectively handle the hot water requirements of your household. Whether you’re washing the dishes or taking a shower, you can rest easy knowing that every drop of warm water isn’t sending your hard-earned money down the drain. You can even use a solar water heater to heat your pool water, ensuring that it’s always ready for a comfortable and relaxing swim. Contact us today to learn more about our services.


“ Mohr Power came to service a pool system that had been installed by the previous owners. After checking out the horrible state it was in, I replaced it with a Heliocol system. I love it! It works great, and the installers were off the roof before I knew it. My family loves swimming in spring! “

— John & Lynda B. of Riverside


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