Mohr Power Solar is a brand name you can trust! Mohr Power Solar is a legendary solar specialist company since 1982.

Brighten Your Life With Our Solar Installation Company in Corona, CA

The sun supplies almost limitless power to the world. Tap into the resources available to you and call Mohr Power Solar for details on their commercial and residential solar services. We are the premier solar installation company in Corona, CA, and handle all aspects of the work from beginning to end. We provide solar power repair and maintenance to ensure the uninterrupted flow of service to your home or business.

Our solar installation company is an industry leader, and we strive to ensure your solar services are environmentally sound. Our company works on the cutting edge of technology, and we put together an innovative team that is continually working to exceed industry standards and break new ground. Our foundations as a business are built on the very conception of the solar-powered movement.

Ask us about the installation of commercial and residential solar services in your home or business. We can supply the people and equipment you need to get off the grid and into the future of energy preservation. Call now, and we can schedule a consultation to discuss the installation of your solar panels. There is no better time than now to take advantage of the energy that the sun provides.

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